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About us

  JDBS is an Atlanta based training company that focuses on the interior and exterior of the body and mind.  We believe that to reach the place of truly being healthy, that the two must coincide in harmony.

  JD is a certified fitness trainer with more than 7 years of exercise, health and wellness experience.  JD has won numerous awards and appeared in, or written articles for magazines like: Atlanta Magazine, Krave Magazine, Kontrol Magazine and more.  As an expert in all things fitness across all coasts, JD specializes in weight loss, mass gains, toning, core strengthening, sports specific training, as well as competition prep.

  While working as a personal and class instructor for gyms such as LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, and more, JD designed programs for fat loss and increased muscle mass.  He has worked with various types of clients from kids, elderly, sedentary, those with fibromyalgia, to high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.  Not only does JD obtain substantial knowledge of training from studies, but from personal experiences being a former track runner, division 1 collegiate football player, amateur bodybuilder and model.  JD will help you make fitness a part of your lifestyle.